Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest Pin Updates

So this week I have done/started 3 of my 5 pins....Last night I went to a friends house to eat diner and hang out since my husband is out hunting for the weekend.  So I decided to try the Chicken Club Egg Rolls at her house.  They were yummy but the next time I make them I will tweak them just a little bit.  I love cream cheese so I will definitely add that, maybe some green onions and/or cilantro and some sugar to the mixture.  I am looking forward to making these again!!!!  I ate the left overs for lunch today and liked them even better...wish my kids didn't like theirs so I could have eaten

I have also started my crusty bread.  I kept meaning to do this all week long for I love bread,  I. LOVE.  BREAD.  So I will probably stay up late tonight to make this after it has sat for about 12 hours....then make more tomorrow.  I made it plain this time but next time I plan on jazzing it up some :)

And I started my Naked Egg Expiriment with my two little girls yesterday.  It is going a little slower than I thought it would, but I do see the egg shell slowly breaking down...the kids are going to love it!  The egg is a lot more bubbly than in the picture below and I can see spots where the egg shells is already think this is way neat :)

So...I will hopefully update tomorrow with a new naked egg pic and my bread pic...(If I can refrain from eating it first...)

 So here is my end result of my bread :)  Yummy!  Can't wait to make it again...

The pink egg is Hannah's, it was dyed with some beet juice :)   She then slid it around in this tub and it broke, then of course she had to play with it...

This one is Miah's egg, she threw it in the tub and watched it break.  the girls really enjoyed doing this :)

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