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My name is Cheri Witmer.  I live in Anaconda Montana and am a stay at home mother of 3 girls and wife to my wonderful husband.  I am not a chef, nor will I probably ever be one, but I definitely LOVE food!  And I love to take pictures of my food.  I am getting better at both, and my family will attest to that. 

Comments and Replies

Do you like something I've written about an ingredient? Does the recipe appeal to you? Do you have your own recipe for the ingredient, or a twist on the standard? Did I make a mistake in a recipe? Do you know more about the ingredient, to add to our knowledge? Please share your feedback in the comments. Not only does it let me know that you're enjoying and finding good information in the post; it also opens the conversation to other readers. While I welcome comments that might not agree with something I've written, I request that comments be polite and considerate of others. Comments that contain profanity or nastiness or are rude to others will be deleted.

One of the ways I learn is by trying to answer your questions. When I don't know the answer, I'll read and ask and find the answer for you, or refer you to a more qualified source. The best way to ask questions is to leave a comment on the relevant post. However, if your question is off the topic of a specific post, you can post your question on my Facebook page or email to me at witmerch@yahoo.com

Reprinting Content or Photos

If you would like to use my content (text or photos) please link back to my home page and let me know so I can check out your blog! 

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